Jute Bags

Jute is a Biodegradable Product. It is Very cheap to produce and its production level is similar to that of cotton. Jute is made up of natural fibre and is one of the strongest around. India is largest producer of Jute. Jute is less expensive than Cotton. Jute is used to make various products like Bags, Shoes, Sacks, Carpets and sweaters. It is obtained from bark of the Jute plant. Jute is second most important fibre after cotton. Jute is very versatile because all of the plant is utilized. Just like cotton, jute is an equally important vegetable fibre.

The Jute fabric is far more durable and eco-friendly than cotton. Jute bags aim to help the environment by encouraging more people all over the world to use earth-friendly bags. Jute bags help in reducing the use of wasteful and unnatural materials. There are a lot of uses of jute bags. Jute bags can be used as a primary bag carrying textbooks, folders, lunch etc. It can also be used as a shopping bag whenever you want to go shopping primarily because it can be used as a substitute for disposable plastic shopping bags. Jute bags are not just eco-friendly but also reusable. Jute bags help in reducing the use of wasteful and unnatural material.  Jute bags are not waterproof. Long storage of food items in jute bags cause molds resulting in spoilage of food grains makes it unsafe and unfit for human consumption. The Jute, being natural fibre, decomposes within a standard period within a few weeks. Jute bags are becoming a common part of our society. The main reason behind this is because they are biodegradable bags. These bags have become a priority for most people because of eco- friendly packaging and they care for the environment.


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