The Jute Cotton Bags Suppliers.

We Supply and manufacters all kind of eco friendly bags like Jute, Juco, Cotton, Canvas which is 100% eco friendly.

Bags Suppliers in Middle East.

Jute Cotton Bags Saudi Arabia  are leading manufacturer and suppliers of jute bags, cotton bags, canvas Bags, Eco Friendly high quality Bags, Tote Bags, jute shopping bags, Cotton carry Bags, cotton Shopper bags, Juco Bags, Cornstarch Bags and Cassava Bags since 2006.

It’s our commitment to bring the finest quality jute bags to you within affordable price brackets. Right from procuring raw materials to advanced machinery – each and every investment made by us has assisted us in our way to prominence in the industry.

Our products are famed for being 100% eco-friendly. These do not contain any chemicals at all which can prove to be harmful to the environment.

Latest News and UPDATES

Eco Bags in Qatar

Eco bags in Qatar are changing the market dynamics with various types of cloth bags in Qatar. As all the Qataris know, we all are equally responsible for contaminating this planet, but, if we act...

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PPE -Personal Protective Equipment

PPE -Personal Protective Equipment

The threat of emerging infectious diseases has highlighted the need for effective personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect healthcare workers, patients, and visitors. PPE protects only the...

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Jute Bags benefits that help you in 2020

Jute Bags benefits that help you in 2020

Jute and cotton bags are made up of natural fibres. These bags are biodegradable and reusable. Jute and cotton bags are a replacement for plastic because they are good for the environment. Jute and...

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featured products

Canvas Bags

Reusable Plastic bags are all the rage today and are quickly replacing shopping bags. A canvas Bag is made from durable, fabric material woven out of cotton or linen. It is plain-woven, a very basic weave that produces a strong and sturdy fabric. 


This Textile is chemically organic, which means it does not contain any synthetic compounds. Cotton fabric is derived from the fibres surrounding the seeds of cotton plants, which emerge in a round emerge in a round, fluffy formation once the seeds are mature.

Jute Bags

Jute is a Biodegradable Product. It is Very cheap to produce and its production level is similar to that of cotton. Jute is made up of natural fibre and is one of the strongest around. Jute is less expensive than Cotton. Jute is used to make various products like Bags, Shoes, Sacks, Carpets and sweaters. It is obtained from bark of the Jute plant. 

Juco Bags

Juco is a smart, versatile and increasingly popular new ecological new fabric. Jute is a relatively new and popular fabric made of a mixture of Jute (75%) and cotton (25%). There is more detail in printing possible on juco than on jute. Juco material has more lifespan than compared to jute.