PPE -Personal Protective Equipment

The threat of emerging infectious diseases has highlighted the need for effective personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect healthcare workers, patients, and visitors. PPE protects only the person using it, whereas measures controlling the risk at source can protect everyone at the workplace; PPE comes in various forms. i.e. gloves for protecting your hands from microbes, masks to cover your mouth and nasal area, Clothing: Includes gowns, aprons, head covering, and shoe covers. Gowns are identified as the second-most used piece of PPE, following gloves, in the healthcare setting.

Isolation gowns offer varying resistance to blood and other bodily fluids depending on the type of the material, its impermeability.

Manufacturers generally make compromises during the design and development of products while trying to achieve the maximum degree of protection with the highest level of comfort and at the lowest possible cost.

As a well-known supplier of products and services related to occupational safety, we provide a broad range of protective clothing that is designed for protection at the workplace. We don’t just focus on one product. We assure you, and are quite responsible  towards providing the products of PPE. Making the workplace safe includes providing instructions, procedures, training, and supervision to encourage people to work safely and responsibly.

We aim to promote safety across all industries and build a network of safety conscious organizations.

The disposable non woven coveralls are ideal for application in industrial and chemical environments to protect from dust, dirt, and any substances in other working environments.

We not only provide disposable overalls, but also offer disposable overshoes, and disposable head covers. We also provide disposable medical shoe covers, nurse caps, sleeve protectors, and coveralls. The disposable protective coveralls are of very light material which does not restrict the freedom of movement, has excellent protective properties and long service life.


We help our partner clients ensure the safety of their personnel on the field, promote overall productivity, and improve the strength of local operations. One aspect that notches us above other safety coverall suppliers in GCC countries is our team of PPE specialists. We leverage the experience of our PPE with significant experience in research and development, procurement, and merchandising of protective gears to answer the need for a safe working environment.


We deliver long-lasting solutions to address issues concerning occupational safety within companies and organizations while ensuring that our customers get value for their money. As one of the trusted safety coverall suppliers in GCC countries, our line of protective clothing is not only proven to save lives and prevent injury, but also durable and can withstand harsh working conditions to protect the wearer at all times. Apart from providing quality safety clothing and gears, we ensure that our customers are satisfied with our service by guaranteeing on-time delivery of protective equipment, by the specifications of the customer. Our efficient service makes us an ideal partner in promoting a safe working environment thereby making us a the perfect choice amongst all  the safety coverall suppliers in GCC countries.

Jute bags from Trusted Saudi Arabia Coverall Supplier. Our customers can choose from a variety of top brands that are well-known in the field of PPE and protective gears.

Our intention is to promote a safe and secure working environment today. Partner with the leading brand among safety coverall suppliers in Saudi Arabia and the other GCC countries. Being a Safety Coveralls manufacturer, we make it possible to get any safety work wear designs with regard to our customer requirements.

PPE is a critical component of the hierarchy of controls used to protect people in hospital environments. Gowns are critical elements of the PPE since they are the second-most used piece of PPE, following the gloves.

PPE is used during critical times where in one dons the equipment especially in emergency response situations, availability of equipment and/or training, comfort or difficulty in use, the equipment interference with health care workers while interacting with the patient. Half of these barriers could be achieved by appropriate PPE development and the other half through education and other methods, such as providing the resources of adequate staffing, supplies, and other critical support measures, development of PPE standards to help to purchase units for more appropriate PPE selection. In terms of PPE development, some fabric characteristics (pore size and distribution, tear, seam, and puncture resistance, etc.) impact the performance of isolation gowns. The design of the gown, size, fit, and interfaces can also contribute to the effectiveness and compliance, in addition to the fabric properties. The PPE provided is well maintained, disposable protective coveralls are also provided which should be disposed of safely after use.You can expect on-time delivery and efficient services that promote safe working for professionals in the GCC countries.